A New Level of Adulting

It’s absolutely mind blowing to think about life. I am entering into this new season of grown up stuff. I have a wonderful new job that is not only full time but in the field that I have always wanted to work in. I am serious about going to school and further pursuing my dream career. I love it way more that I thought I would and it’s insane because before I got the job, I contemplated whether I would actually like it or not! While working here, God has confirmed that I was meant to be at this place. I finally got my drivers permit! I more than likely going to take my drivers test to get my license by the end of July and I am trying to save up for my own car.

Evan has graduated from College! He made it through COC and Woodbury. He has gotten so many things done and even squeezed in an internship and tutoring job all while planning and throwing together 3 amazing Summer Vacation Bible Schools. He was able to balance me in the mix and most importantly, church. Sometimes it was hard, not being able to see him outside of Wednesday’s and Sunday’s. We saw each other and we got to spend a bit of time together but it was rare that we got our one on one time. Never once though did I ever think that he loved me any less. He had to get school done, he had to focus in order to finish his schooling. 

Since he has graduated, the talk of marriage has been popping up a lot more! He know it’s closer than it has been before. I have no idea when it’s going to happen, he’s talked about it being for sure by the end of this year. But I try not to put too much thought into it. I am also the type of person where I won’t believe something until it’s happening right then and there. I will react in the moment. I could know I am going to England in a month and it not hit me until I am stepping on the ground of England. But I’m not in a rush. Evan and I had to be patient for a long time. Along the way we sort of lost focus and turned it to other people but thankfully, we turned our eyes to God and in return he lead us to each other. I don’t mind waiting. It’s going to be so worth it when I get to spend the rest of forever with the love of my life. 


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