Am I Tired of My Job Yet?

To put it simply, NO. 

With each week I complete at MCS, I walk away every Friday feeling so incredibly grateful for the job I have. It’s tiring, don’t get me wrong but being able to say that I get to hang around, play with, teach, love on, serve, and grow with these children is more than worth it.

 I get to hold sweet little hands all day long and have my legs squished to death because of their strong hugs. They let me be a dinosaur with them while we walk around and roar at everything. 

They’re honest and care for their classmates always, even though they may get into an argument here and there.

 It’s repetitive but I’ll always love having to teach them what sharing is and that everyone gets a turn. They often take a minuet to try to finish a sentence but I sit there with a smile on my face because they’re learning and growing. It’s such a marvelous thing to witness. 

I love these children so much and I will gladly take every opportunity I have to show and display that to them.


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