One Month at MCS

I have officially completed my first month at Monarch. It has blessed me in more ways than I thought possible and it’s only just the beginning. It has been so awesome being able to get to know some of my co-workers and the many students that attend. I for sure need to work on being more comfortable around the parents which is a little hard because I do not totally know how to talk to them but for the most part a lot of them are very understanding and will listen to me when I do speak. I know my relationships with them will get better as they continue to see me around the yard and classrooms. 

One of my favorite things about being at MCS is the scheduling! It’s the same for a whole month! The only time it might change is if someone needs me to cover them or switch hours with me. Since I am full time though I mainly switch shifts with MY co-workers. Very rarely do I have to come in earlier than normal. For the Summer, my schedule is the same from June – July unless I switch or have someone cover me. 

There are a few woman here that I would love to become close with. One specifically is Jessianne, she has a heart of gold and really wants to get to know you. She comes off as so genuine and real, it’s beyond refreshing. I also work with someone I knew way before I started at MCS, she’s a doll. I am thankful that I have this chance to kind of get to know her better outside of our usual settings.

I am still unsure if I ever want to become a lead teacher but I would still love to go to school and get my AA in Early Childhood Education. 

This past month has been such an absolute blast and I am more than thrilled to have been placed here with incredible co-workers. I cannot wait to see what God will do next with both MCS and myself as I continue on my journey.  


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