God is on the Move Again

I wasn’t expecting to leave retail so soon. I’m young and not going to school, I figured that I had a few more years at Justice before I would leave or maybe even get a second job. 

I’ve always dreamed of working with children, I feel like it was something that I have had an interest in from a very young age. Babies are cute, no denying that. Toddlers are such a blast to be around. They all bring me so much joy. 

I knew retail wasn’t something I would want to do for the rest of my life but I was convinced that it was going to be something that I was stuck at for the rest of my life. I never desired to be a floor supervisor which was something that actually came true. I loved it while I did it for the last 9 months at Justice. But never once did I think while I was there that God was going to pluck me from my comfort zone and throw me into a whole new setting. 

I’ve successfully completed my first official month at MCS. I don’t think that I will go to school this fall semester, I’m saving up for a car and hopefully will be getting my drivers license by the end of July/Early August. If I pass, Lord willing! I’m really hoping to be able to save up enough to purchase one by the end of the year. I have a good amount saved right now, it a little compared to what other might have saved but I’m started! So for now I’m hoping to start up schooling at a near by community college for the spring semester. To be a teachers assistant you need a specific amount of credits to successfully hold onto that title and position. And you will need 12 to be fully certified in early childhood education. 

The director of Early Ed sent me an email today letting me know she would like to meet with her because there’s an exciting opportunity that has opened up. I don’t know what to think. I’m excited, in intrigued, interested, curious, but I’m also calm, cool, and collected. I have no idea what she has up her sleeve. I have no idea what has opened up. But whatever it is, I am ready. I am going to stay calm, relaxed, and open. Fear is not going to creep in and if or when it does I’ll know that I can lay my worry and fear upon Jesus. I shouldn’t worry about tomorrow but trust and know that God takes care of everything before I’m even aware of it and have time to start freaking out. I need to find my peace in the Lord and trust in his guidance. 

He has blessed me so much these past few months and I don’t know how I could ever thank him. He is a God who provides, loves, leads, and carries. He never lets me down and he’s constantly comforting me. 


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