Where is He Taking Me Mow? 

Just this past Saturday I was talking to Evan about not starting school until Spring semester since I want to buy a car and not depend on my mother to take me to school and work anymore. He agreed with me that it made senses. So that was my plan, save up enough moolah to get a car by the end of this year or early next year. I believe it’s totally possible especially since I don’t really have a load of bills. So if I’m smart with my money and put aside a good amount from each check and not touch it, then I can do it.

Little did I know, God was going to reveal to me what he has in store. Monday night I checked my email and saw that I got a email from my boss with a subject that said “Let’s Meet” once I read it, I definitely knew what it was going to be about but being the goober that I am, I tried to not think about it too much just in case I was wrong and would be let down.

We tried to meet on Tuesday but we ran out of time. So we aimed for Wednesday on my lunch. Perfect. I was free a few minuets early and I ran into her. We went to her office and she let me know that a wonderful opportunity opened up. One of the lead teachers here will be stepping down because she is going back to school. She she opened up the position and offered it to me. I’ve only been here 1 month and a couple weeks. It isn’t me. It’s God. The confidence that he fills me with and readiness to kind of do whatever has opened up a cool chance. I will be taking to steps to becoming a lead teacher this Fall.
AND, I will be going to school! Today I filled out my application for Ventura community colleges like Moorepark which I’ve already been accepted to. The wonderful thing about it also is that it’s ONLINE. I won’t have to drive to Moorepark but can do it in the comfort of my home.

So it’s crazy. I decided for myself just this past Saturday that I won’t go to school until next year but God was like, “Oh Tatiana, my child. You will soon learn and see that I have different for you” and here I am. Filed for FAFSA, applied for community college, and starting to journey of becoming a preschool/daycare teacher.
No worries, no fear. Just trust, faith, and comfort from God.


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