Let’s Be Honest!

On Mondays I don’t go out to the big kid yard because I’m with my two year olds all day. So I technically see my older kids Tues – Fri. Only occasionally I will see them when I either go to the bathroom or am nearing towards the end of the school day. Today I went out onto the yard because my coworker need to take a few kids in to change their diapers so I switched with her and brought my two littles with me in the buggy. There was a few of the older kids still there so I said hello and hugged a few.

As i’m sitting there watches my little babes one of the little boys comes up to me saying my name and then he says “I love you Miss Tatiana”  talk about music to my ears. Children are so innocent, sweet, and honest. I mean They say this like all day long to whichever teacher is with them for the day but sometimes, you need to hear something like. Then it was shortly followed up you “You’re the best teacher” Owwwww, my heart! They make me so happy and to hear them say they love me, means the absolute world. I want them to know that they’re so loved and cherished by all of us. There’s nothing more I want for these kids than to be happy, feel confident, loved, and know about the Lord.

But my point to this little post and the story about a few of the kids saying they love me and think that I am the best teacher is that we need to follow in their steps. So often I stop myself from saying I love people. I often think it and keep it to myself. I need to be more vocal and open. You never know who might need to hear some words of encouragement that day but its not only about that. Its a good and simple way of letting our friends , families, even strangers know that they are appreciated and loved. We think and care about them. Be open, honest, and loving. It can flip the switch for people out there. Don’t be afraid of being that weirdo who is constantly saying I love you and you’re my favorite. If you love something that they do, let them know.


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