Change is Ah-coming!

The other day I was sitting and thinking, then it hit me. We have a new Pastor.

This past weekend could not have gone any better, it was still very hectic. It turned out better than I was expecting it to be. We got everything all done and ready for VBS and we successfully put together a Meet & Greet BBQ for our then potential Pastor. plenty of people who wanted to meet and chat with him made sure that they did so. It was the point of the BBQ and I am so glad that people too the time out of their day to come down and give him a pre-chance per-say.

They’ve been lovely so far and they have the sweetest little gal with another on the way. His wife is definitely more on the quieter side but it was also our first time getting to know and meet her. I hope with time she feels more comfortable around all of us and more than welcome. I am excited to see where God will lead them while they lead us.

But as I  was saying, it officially hit me that everything is set in stone now. We’re heading into a pretty big change and I am not going to lie, with the news of officially having a new Pastor I was also hit with a wave of fear. From what I know, there are a few people who are not happy about this change and that makes sense. Some I think might be mad for the wrong reasons but I am not going to dismiss their thoughts because they can think whatever they want and feel how ever they want. It is going to be oddly weird for me at least, not hearing my brother-in-law give a sermon in the morning on Sunday now. I’ve been so used to him teaching as the “head pastor” and the way he teaches is the only teaching I have been hearing for the past couple of years.

I am mainly afraid of people leaving and rejecting the new pastor. It’s sad to even think that but its reality. That happens. People do not take well to change and wont tolerate it if they can not have the old way back. I just hope and pray that as we get to know our new pastor more, we all approach this with an open mind and heart. Accepting that God has put him there for and with a reason. I trust that our pastor search committee truly looked to God during the past few months and followed him where he wanted them in making this decision.

With a bit of fear but most importantly trust in God, I know he will do good things with our new church leaders. It’s not in my hands but his and there is no need for me to worry for be afraid


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