A bit about moi ~

My name is Tatiana and I am twenty-two years old!

I am entering into a new season in my life and I am so excited to blog about it each step of the way! I have always been into blogs, not so much for the fun of reading them but having them and always writing my own entries. I have always tried my hardest to keep journals and diary’s but I could never keep up with them. It is so much easier nowadays to pull up the note app on your phone and type out some quick thoughts as you go throughout your day.

So as I continue this blog for as long as I am meant to, I hope to look back at it whenever and can fondly recall all of the memories, trials, and triumphs that I have gone through. It will be the home for my worries, stories, fears, thoughts, frustrations, excitement, random thoughts, and whatever else my fingers want to type about.

If you find this, I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts, stories, and memories.